Sales Reach: Re-designing States of Mind, Ban It. Deal With It.


Last week we wrote about Ian Crawford’s award winning project to Design Out Waste from grocery shopping. Ian subsequently got in contact to let us know about another RSA award winning project by a fellow student of his graduating this year from Glasgow School of Art. Josephine Gianni won the 'Re-designing States of Mind, Ban it. Deal with it.' category with her project Sales Reach. It was awarded both the NESTA and Wally Olins Opportunity Award. She tells us ‘The objective was to ban something that contributes to Climate Change; I banned Business Flights. And then designed a service to help deal with the ban; Sales Reach. Sales Reach is a company that reaches clients on behalf of business people Europe-wide. Experienced Facilitators from the destination country referee meetings, host, wine and dine clients whilst you present virtually through your web-cam. Not only addressing issues of technology, but invisibles such as client ´seduction’, cultural differences, trust and insecurity. Saving companies a substantial amount of time and money and saving the environment millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide.’ :: Josephine Gianni