Sack Out In Other People's Houses with New iPhone App

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Airbnb (short for Airbed & Breakfast) is one of our favorite green-thinking sites for travelers. The site links up people looking for a place to stay with people who have a couch, airbed, or spare room to rent out. It decreases the need for hotel stays, which decreases your carbon footprint when you're traveling. And now, you guessed it, there's an app for that. The app not only offers a way to scan and book listings, but it also offers exclusive deals to snag even lower rent prices. There's even a one-click search for places available that night in case you're stuck without a roof over your head.

The app is free, and the site states, "With over 50,000 listings for rent in more than 8000 cities and 166 countries, we offer the widest variety of accommodations at any price point, anywhere. And by facilitating all bookings and financial transactions, we make filling and reserving space easy."

They're not kidding. I had a great experience using airbnb when traveling in London last year. You not only find nice places to stay, but you meet really cool people in the process. Having the app on the iPhone makes it that much easier to avoid hotels, shrink your carbon footprint and stretch your traveling budget.

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