Robots clean solar panels in Israel without using water

ecoppia solar panel robot
© Ecoppia

At Ketura Sun, a large commercial solar field in Israel, the solar panels are being cleaned in a unique way: by robots. That's not the most unique part. These robots don't use any water in the cleaning process, making them a great match for the Negev desert where the solar plant is located. Even better, the robots could go a long way toward making solar power plants less dependent on water.

According to Gizmag, the Ecoppia E4 robots are "mounted on a frame that moves laterally along the panels and the robots themselves move up and down the panels. They use a rotating brush made up of soft microfiber in conjunction with air blowers to remove what Ecoppia says is 99 percent of dust build-up." No water required.

Other solar panel cleaning robots have been developed, even some that don't use water, but those are not being commercially used yet.

Keeping solar panels clean is a major necessity because dust covered panels don't produce as much energy (up to 35 percent less), but non-automated processes require a lot of manpower, time and money. The robots make it so that the panels are automatically cleaned nightly and are always operating at maximum output.

Check out the video of the robots in action below.

Robots clean solar panels in Israel without using water
The robots are being used at a large commercial solar plant in the Negev desert.

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