Robotic Seagull Attracts a Real Flock of Seagulls (Video)

seagull robotic photo

Image via Youtube screenshot

A few months ago we wrote about a mechanical seagull that rivals the real thing in how lifelike it looks on the wing. Well, turns out it can fool even members of the species it is mimicking. The robotic seagull was tested out at TEDGlobal and it attracted a flock of real gulls. Read on and watch a video of the birds.
MixingReality notes, "With obvious applications for policing and spying, the video of this device got us thinking about man's increasing abilities to mimic nature, and perhaps disrupting its cycles in the process..."

It certainly seems clear that we are getting better at mimicking nature, especially these flying animals. But this is the most lifelike I've ever seen and it is due in no small part to the way the wings flap.

Here is a video of the TED talk about the mechanical gull:

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