Robotic Mannequins Made of Cardboard Are Recyclable...And a Little Freaky (Video)

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Rather than using plastic, Japan-based Eager Co. is using cardboard for mannequins used in retail displays, and because they're easily recycled, they're being touted as "the world's most environmentally friendly robots." Animated mannequins would sure catch the attention of shoppers as they move about in the clothing being displayed, and keeping them as green as possible while accomplishing their goal is a great move. Check out a video of the robots in action after the jump.

According to CNet, the mannequins are nearly 6 feet tall and weigh only 13 lbs. Their servomotors make their heads and arms move to capture the attention of passers-by. They can be painted or printed with logos for advertising if not being used for clothing displays.

They may be light on the weight, but not on the price tag. For stores wishing to buy them, they'll run $5,400 and up, or they can be rented for nearly $2,000 a week. For something that uses an incredibly cheap material like cardboard (and one that is easily damaged in moving around from display to display), that's quite a hefty price. But since it is likely that the electronic parts can be removed and reused in new cardboard mannequins, with the old ones easily recycled, they to seem to be a very green alternative for animated displays.

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