Reusable Pizza Pan Could Keep Billions of Cardboard Boxes Out of US Landfills Every Year


Image Courtesy of Good News Reuse

You may put your share of the more than 3 billion pizza boxes discarded in the country every year in the recycling bin, but it doesn't mean they're getting a second life. The grease and food (cheese, usually) left in the boxes makes them hard to recycle, if you make the effort to fold the thing enough to get it in the bin in the first place. Now, sustainably-minded Good News Reuse is looking to take a lot of those boxes out of the landfill with the Pi Pan- the reusable pizza dish.
The Pi Pan is made from certified food-grade, BPA-free stainless steel and weighs less than a pound. But how do you make a reusable pizza box work for deliveries? (Assuming the guy doesn't want to wait around for you to finish eating.) Good News Reuse plans to market the design to pizza places that have regular patrons like schools and businesses.

The customer holds on to the empty box until the next delivery, when the pizza guy or gal drops of more, and grabs the empties on the way out. And so on.

But the Pi Pan isn't quite ready to hit the market- Good News Reuse has some fundraising to do first. And for that, they turned to funding platform IndieGoGo. Here's their pitch:

It's a sensible, simple idea, one that will hopefully become a reality.

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