ReplyforAll's Cause-Related Signature Line for Easy Fundraising

relyforall email signature service image is an add-on to your email signature line that lets you link up with a particular cause close to your heart and not only spread the word, but also get funding donated to that cause so that every email you send makes a tiny difference. The service is simple and easy, though it has two difficult parts. The easy part is you simply sign up, download a Firefox add-on (for instance, using it with gmail requires you to use Firefox, not Chrome), and choose how you want the cause displayed on your emails. You can even turn it on or off as you write your email so if you don't want it showing up for a particular recipient, you can simply turn it off.

replyforall signature in gmail image

But the two hard parts. The first hard part is choosing your cause. They have a variety to choose from and I wanted to click nearly all of them. I finally chose water since, well, we all need clean water.

The second hard part is actually verifying that the charity of your choice is getting the funds it says it is getting. This is all you get in the FAQ:

how can I be sure that replyforall will donate my funds to the causes?
replyforall will donate funds to the causes every two months and regularly report back on the site with exactly how much we’ve donated. we track the donations on our end and confirm with the non-profits on theirs.

Not exactly reassuring. I'll have to actually contact the charity and verify with them on my own that they're getting funding from ReplyforAll. But, if they are, then I can help upwards of 500 people get access to clean water, just by having that image at the bottom of my signature line for a month.

How? They get funding from advertisers whose information shows up on ReplyforAll's website, and the more new users sign up, the more they can donate to causes. It's a lot like the click-a-day sites.

So while it'll take a little extra leg work to reassure yourself you're helping, it's still a great idea for an easy way to make little differences add up. And, you can check on your profile to see what specific impact your signature line is making. The more people you get to click through to the site, the more your charity gets.

Also, in honor of Earth Day, this month ReplyforAll is featuring it's fight global warming and highlighting it's two non-profit partners Clean Energy Coalition and

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