Renewably Powered Microgrid Shelters for Locavoltists

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take note, there may be more to managing your micorgrid than revealed at first glance.
Instant Access Networks
has come up with some interesting technology to protect microgrids from electromagnetic pulses and future attacks, and while they favor scaring people towards their product and position it as somewhat of a bomb shelter for your "island of power," we find it just a plain old interesting idea for protecting independent power grids. Microgrids are essentially small-scale power sources. Someone with an off-grid house run entirely by solar power with no need to hook up to their area's power grid is an example of a microgrid. IAN, looking towards the possibility of attacks on our power supplies, advocates microgrids.

They've come up with a sort of safe house that blocks an electromagnetic pulse that would fry the grid. For more practical, non-"one-megaton nuclear bomb detonated 250 miles over Kansas" purposes, it would also protect a microgrid from solar storms.

While these kinds of safe houses are used by the military to protect generators, IAN designed their microgrids to be powered by renewable energy. They're looking into solar and wind options. They also made it 70% lighter than what is used by the military, so it is portable.
Too bad it often takes fear-based thinking to get people to go local. But at least there is a cool result!

So locavoltists, you have another tool for your microgrid.

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