Renewable Energy Mobile Phone Charging Station to Debut at Glastonbury Festival

Recharge Pod

At last year’s Glastonbury Festival, the folks from Got Wind in conjunction with phone service provider Orange showed us a tent-mounted wind-powered phone charger. This year they have got what promises to be a bigger solution for all you renewable energy phone charging needs. Enter stage right: the Recharge Pod.

Recharge Pod Vertical

GotWind describes their last product:
"At over 7 meters in height, the free standing recharge Pod is a self sufficient unit that supports a wind generator and solar panels and can charge up to 100 mobile phones per hour. It is estimated that the Orange recharge pod will charge thousands of mobile phones over the course of the 3 day festival, and the energy generated by the Orange recharge pod to be the equivalent of powering a DJ booth for Groove Armada for a marathon 88 hour set!"

Now if they could just hook one of these up to a laundry machine so you could wash your muddy clothes...kidding...kidding...

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