Renault-Nissan to Open R&D; Lab in Silicon Valley

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Across the Street from Google
As cars become electrified, the center of gravity of the industry will move from places like Detroit to places like Silicon Valley, where high-technology innovation is part of the local culture. The Nissan-Renault alliance has decided to take advantage of this and to open a new advanced lab to do R&D;, no doubt a lot of it for future electric cars. "Nissan will use the Silicon Valley office to focus on vehicle IT research, including graphical user-interface displays, in-car Internet connectivity and smart-grid research." ABG reports that Carlos Ghosn said of the center: "The Alliance is at the vanguard of the auto industry's shift to sustainable transportation. Having a greater footprint in one of the world's headquarters for clean tech research will extend our lead further." Via Nissan. See also: Dutch Team Drives Electric Nissan LEAF 779.19 Miles... in 24 Hours (Video)

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