Regan's Beautiful (and Big) Reverb Solar Powered Speakers

regen reverb speaker image

It was only last month we saw a super sexy solar iPhone charger from Regen roll out. Now that same company has put out a beautiful solar powered speaker, the Reverb, that can play between 20 and 40 hours on a full charge. And this is no wimpy counter-top speaker, either. Earthtechling notes, "It generates sound equal to that of a regular 60-watt speaker and sports stereo drivers and a sub-woofer. Power to the speaker can be done via a regular AC adapter, but since its manufacturer does solar technology, the Reverb is primarily designed to be run via energy collected through its integrated solar panel."

regen reverb speaker image

Additionally, the speaker sports controls for audio choice selection, play/pause and volume, and displays how much power remains in its battery, how much energy has been gathered for the battery charge, and - this is cool - "how satisfied it is with the user's power generation and consumption habits." So if you're playing too much and charging too little, it'll let you know before its batteries peter out.

regen reverb speaker image

The speaker stands 35" high, and requires 20-40 hours of sunlight to get a full charge. With a worst case scenario, it would take 40 hours of sunlight (or a week's worth) to play 20 hours of music (or 5 evenings a week worth). That's not to bad for a quality speaker - probably not enough to deter people interested in going solar.

However, there's one things that just might deter consumers - the price. The Reverb is set to go on the market in April 2010, and be priced at $2,300. So someone has to be serious about both sound and solar to go forward with this purchase.

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