Redeploying IT Hardware Boosts Businesses Bottom Lines

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Redemtech has released a case study that shows businesses can gain serious savings by reusing the IT equipment they already have laying around. This may be a big "duh" statement to greenies, but finally bigger businesses are taking note that with the dreary economy, reusing what you have is green and cheap.

Redemtech looked at a "top five" bank that couldn't figure out what of their IT equipment sitting idle was ready to get a revamp and head back into the company's offices. This is a widespread issue among big businesses, and the results of Redemtech's case study are astounding. Redemtech's Plan for Reusing IT Equipment
Redemtech contracted with this bank to help them take a look at their stash of laptops, desktops, routers, and other hardware and put a plan in place for inventorying, reusing and recycling the equipment. They gained some amazing results.

Reusing Old Computers Means Massive Savings
During the first nine months, 2,700 pieces of hardware were redeployed for a savings of $1.5 million. They had the potential for saving an additional $4.2 million if they'd have reused all of their assets that were ready for redeployment.

During the past two years, the company has redeployed 10,400 assets for a savings of $9.2 million, resulting in a 260% increase in cost avoidance savings for the company's record. In total, the company realized $7.8 million in net return during the past two years thanks to Redemtech's help in gaining better use of their IT equipment, a savings on maintenance and software licensing fees and better end-user satisfaction.

Reusing IT Equipment Gives Us Happy Wallets, Happy Earth
That is some serious greening up of the company's wallet, and more importantly, use of energy-intensive computer hardware. It takes more than having an eco-button on hand to make your IT equipment work efficiently - it also takes a plan on how to actually use that equipment.

Knowing that a proper recycling program was also put in place is significant in cutting down how much of their old equipment ends up as e-waste in landfills. Though I think this little jaunt has proven that refurbishing computers is better than recycling.

Hopefully the tough economic times will push more businesses to take a closer look at what they have and properly reuse it before heading to the computer store.

Via Case Study from Redemtech via Greener Computing
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