Recycling Your Gum


Sure, it's nothing ground-breaking or even particularly innovative; given its sheer ease-of-use and practicality, however, should that even really matter? Two companies, Canadian Envyrobubble and British Gummy Bins, have come out with a neat solution to our chronic chewing gum littering situation: little collection bins designed for public spaces that can hold 250 - 1,000 pieces of gum each. While we often tend to focus on the bigger items littering our streets and parks — soda cans, food wrappers, etc — discarded chewing gum can become a serious problem requiring a lot of man-hours and cash to remove.

Envyrobubble's eye-catching stand-alone bins can hold up to 1,000 pieces of gum whereas Gummy Bins' mini-containers — which come in two models, the Gummy Street and the Gummy Club — hold up to 500 and 250 pieces of gum, respectively. Gummy Bins' two models can be attached to walls or street lanterns in public spaces and customized with everything from logos and ads to LCD screens. The gum in Envyrobubble's bins is eventually recycled into fertilizer while Gummy Bins — which has formed a partnership with leading UK recycling company Hippo Waste — recycles its gum into a rubber-like material that can be used for construction purposes. Now that both companies have decided to open up their business to international distribution deals, you may soon see these colorful bins coming to a street corner near you. We can't think of an easier way to throw away your gum and do good by Mother Earth in the same breath.

Via ::Springwise: Gum recycling bins (news website)

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