Recurve App for Tablet Devices Gives Speedy Home Efficiency Audits, Boosts Home Contractor Industry (Video)

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Yet another place tablet devices are finding a home is in the hands of a home energy efficiency auditor - specifically, small contractors looking to add a new service to their business. Recurve, a San Francisco-based provider of energy efficiency services has come up with a software application that allows an auditor to print out a report with recommendations for services that will improve efficiency. Because it's so quick and simple, it could me a helpful boost to small companies who need a competitive edge in the home improvement and construction industry. According to CNET, "Recurve hopes the hosted application will automate some of the tasks for home performance contractors, many of which can be small shops, said Adam Winter, the senior vice president of building science. The application runs on tablet PCs, which can run Flash and Java, with most of the input done with a stylus, he said. Longer term, the company plans to add more modules, such as project management, to the energy audit application, creating essentially an enterprise resource management for the home performance industry. The software will help scale the entire industry, which is typically localized and fragmented, Winter said."

WATCH VIDEO: Renovation Nation: Energy Audit - A company in Kensington, MD does a home energy audit to show a family where the "drafts" are so they can make their home more energy efficient and save money.

The company states that they see a big influx of both consumers and contractors getting more savvy about home efficiency and wanting to make improvements. It won't just be utility-sponsored audits any more, but homeowners will expect their contractors to be able to tell them what needs to happen to save the most energy. And not just energy - but money. The Recurve software can figure out where rebates and other financial incentives factor in, helping the contractor show the client just how much money they could be saving.

The first module of the software has been tested out with six contractors across the US, and more contractors will receive the final product later in the year.

Recurve Software Demo from Recurve Inc. on Vimeo.

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