Real Time Weather Hits Google Earth

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It's no surprise that we TreeHuggers love Google Earth and keeping tabs on weather across the globe. For anyone equally as fascinated with these things, or even just interested in finding out the forecast in a more interesting way than the green-screened views on the local news, Google Earth is now the place to go. The popular tool for touring the globe just got a new feature -- real time weather! Google's Lat Long blog writes, "The latest version projects images of rain and snow over the areas with those weather patterns as it's actually happening! First enable the clouds layer, then zoom in to a particular location where it might be raining or snowing... Currently, our precipitation data cover some areas in North America and Europe; you can see if it's available in certain places by enabling the radar layer."

The tool can be useful for keeping tabs on storms, or if you're using Google Earth to plan out trips and want to see what the weather is like in that area. Of course, it's not as quick and easy as just heading to a website like Weather Underground or something similar, but it's a very fun way to scan the globe and see what's happening weather-wise at that moment anywhere on the planet.

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