Real Simple's Top Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

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We all know that compact fluorescent bulbs will save you money and energy, but they continue to get a bad rap for the unflattering light they throw—despite the leaps and bounds the CFL industry has made in quality. Here to the rescue are the editors of Real Simple, who tested 30 of the spiral-shape bulbs to bring you the creme de la creme.

Click below the fold for four of the magazine's picks.
1. Best for pendant lamps: n:vision Soft White G25 (14 watt)
"This globe-shaped bulb looks great in a hanging fixture and casts a soft, flattering light that, one tester said, is 'ideal above a dinner table.'"

2. Best for track lighting: TCP Springlight BR30 (14 watt)
"Testers liked the "easy on the eyes" pinkish tone that stayed consistent from the get-go. (A few other bulbs got lighter or darker as they warmed up.)"

3. Best for floor and table lamps: GE Energy Smart 60 Dimmable (15 watt)
"Most bulbs were too dim to use under a shade—but not this one. Although it's bigger than a standard bulb, it will fit most shades."

4. Best for task lamps: Sylvania Daylight Extra (13 watt)
"The clean, white light will "illuminate your desktop without giving you a headache." It took just 15 seconds to reach full brightness (some took 80)."

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