Real Life Water World - How To Set Up A Self-Sustaining City At Sea (Video)

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We have an International Space Station. Now, a group of designers wants to take that idea and create a similar project for another vast area - one that is growing: the ocean. Open_Sailing is a solution for how to create a sustainable, and self-sustaining station for people to both live at sea and study the oceans. While some people will want to take part in the project for the sheer joy of living on the open water, with rising sea levels, might it be possible that one day we'll have to live out on the ocean? Cesar Harada, the project's coordinator, is set to give a TED talk today, and you can check out a video of the project after the jump. Open_Sailing has a simple premise:

"We want to live at sea.
And we want to do it well: comfortably, sustainably and safely.
We want delicious food, a great social life, space to work and play.
We've come together; a diverse team from all walks of life to design our future on the ocean.
With our combined skills, we're pioneering innovative architecture, navigation and sea farming techniques."

open sailing station image

The open source project points out that while 3/4 of our planet is covered by a vast ocean, the annual budget for space exploration is over 1000x more than the budget for ocean exploration. Why? It seems that understanding more about the planet we're on - especially that of a struggling, yet growing marine world - would make more sense.

"We urgently need a new generation of semi-permanent affordable and sustainable architecture to explore and study the oceans, understand biodiversity, monitor climate change, address marine pollution, invent new modes of sustainable aquaculture, create data mesh networks, produce renewable energies, for navigation safety purposes and much more."

Living on a ship doesn't cut it, since the footprint is too big. The group feels a whole new architecture is needed.

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To this end, an international group of designers are putting their heads together and launching the Open_Sailing project - starting as "an apocalyptic design response unit" but turning into much more than that.

The designers are factoring in everything from how to survive on the water through creating drinking water an aquaculture, to how the station itself will survive. It can get compact during storms:

open sailing station image

And sail when winds are good:

open sailing station image

Check out details on how the station will work:

Open_Sailing 4 minutes concept from Cesar Harada on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more video after Harada's talk at TED 2010
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Real Life Water World - How To Set Up A Self-Sustaining City At Sea (Video)
We have an International Space Station. Now, a group of designers wants

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