Real Birds Tweet on Twitter With a Peckable Keyboard (Video)

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In this era of high-speed internet, smartphones and social-networking, keeping in contact has never been easier -- but in being so plugged-in, we run the risk of losing touch with the beautiful sounds of the world around us. As a sort of tongue-and-cheek response to this and the growing popularity of social Web sites, Voldemars Dudums of Latvia figured out a way to get nature's original tweeters to add their 'voice' online with their very own Twitter account by creating an enticingly peckable keyboard. Sure, the birds' tweets are mostly nonsense -- but their 2,654 followers don't seem to mind.

Voldemars created a special keyboard laden with unsalted bacon fat attached to the keys and a webcam for bird-lovers to enjoy the action online. In the Latvian town of Sarnate, freezing temperatures usually mean lean times for insect-eating birds -- so, with each tweet, the hungry birds are actually getting a much needed meal. Naturally, that was chosen as their Twitter username: @Hungry_Birds.

"Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look at what people sometimes say on Twitter, then the tomtits' messages are still OK," Voldemars told Wired News. He also created a Web site, Birds on Twitter, to accompany the ornithological tweets.

Fortunately for the birds, but not so much for their growing collection of online followers, the arrival of Spring in Latvia has meant a decline in the frequency of birds visiting their peckable keyboard to tap out a tweet, what with the resurgence of their natural food source.

All's well, I suppose; Perhaps now the only way to hear from birds throughout the day is to turn off the smartphone, shut-down the laptop, and venture beyond the reach of wi-fi to a shady spot under a tree. The best tweets, after all, are nature's originals.

Via Wired
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