Read It Swap It — a True PSS.

Been a while since we had a fresh story on Product Service Systems (PSS), so we rectify that omission with this post. 'Read It Swap It' is a UK based venture that at last count had over 500 avid readers swapping some 2,000 books from their personal libraries. Offered as a free service, it's like an internet dating agency for book worms. You list books you’re happy to swap with others and they do likewise and you can loan tomes to each other. Perfect for those novels that Aunt Gertrude has given you for the past nine Christmases that you just don’t have the heart to put out for paper recycling. Reminds us of the Delicious Library software, which would probably be a very useful tool for members of the system. Thanks to Donna W. for the tip, who informs us that her boyfriend set it up in his spare time; to spread literacy and stop waste. Excellente.::Read It Swap It