Random Green Product of the Day: EcoBlaster Air Horn

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In the heads of most marketers, one need only slap the prefix "eco" onto any gadget name and suddenly that gadget is green. While we generally like to bulldoze devices like that, here is one very random eco item that actually is a bit more earth friendly than it's "eco"-less counterpart. Enter random item of the day: the EcoBlaster Rechargeable Air Horn. Check out why it actually is an improvement. Most air horns are simply disposable aerosol cans that get tossed after their last toot. Air horns appear all over the place, from sporting events to boating...I've even seen taxi cabs in San Francisco use them for a more aggressive version of a car horn. The EcoBlaster, on the other hand, skips gasses and batteries, and can be recharged by hand when it is emptied.

According to the seller, the $30 air horn is a good alternative:

Never buy another refill with this handy, economical rechargeable air horn. Simply refill with air from included pump or any bicycle pump, service station air pump, or compressor using the standard air valve. You get over 70 blasts per recharge. Adjust volume up to a powerful 115 dB. Boaters and sports fans will love it.

It's one of those items you don't automatically think of, let alone as needing a greener option, but it's good to know that there's an eco-friendly alternative for those of us who have a use for an air horn. Warned you it was random...it is, after all, for sale on a site called "Things You Never Knew Existed."

Via Gizmag
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