Rake and Take Cardboard Composter - Boon or Bust?

rake and take composter photo

Photo via Yanko Design

The Rake and Take is a cardboard composter that wants to offer itself as an alternative to plastic bags when it comes to yard work.

There are some obvious cons to this concept...but also some pros that will have you scratching your head on whether or not you think this is green. First, the cons:
It takes some big pieces of cardboard and a lot of time to create this contraption, when a trusty bucket and a couple extra trips to the compost pile will accomplish the same task. And it's pretty unusual for someone to have the size of cardboard board it takes to make this thing just laying around the house. Also, while it calls itself a composter, you can't just toss it on the compost heap and be done. Composting just doesn't work that way.

But, the pros:
It uses recycled materials, promoting a DIY project of converting an old box or something into a potentially handy device. And it offers an interesting way of doing yard work that ditches plastic bags. Unless you're raking up damp leaves, the cardboard carrier should last quite awhile, and when it is used up, it is recyclable. It is certainly better than some monster of a leaf vacuum.

So - what do you think? Green, or greenwashed?

Via Yanko Design
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