PV Sunglasses Convert Rays to Energy with Style

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Harnessing the energy of the sunlight that you purposefully block from your eyes while out on a bright and cheery day. Sounds very waste not, want not, right?

Well, a group of designers came up with just the solution you may want for this notion, and it just might be the best looking solar powered accessory we've seen so far. The glasses are called SIG, or "Self-Energy Converting Sunglasses" and they can power your iPod or PSP while you're out walking around. The lenses are made of dye solar cells, and your iPod can plug into the jack at the bottom of the frame.

Luckily, they put the jack at the back of the sunglasses frame so that there isn't an extra wire whipping around your face. And we'd remind users to wear sunscreen, since it might be tempting to stay in the sun longer than necessary for your face, just for the sake of your gadget battery.

Of course, you won't have to worry about that at all for awhile — there's no commercial release coming up that we know of. But if these could be worked out so that these would be comfortable, practical, priced at a reasonable level, and of course healthy for the eyes, then we're predicting they'll be a hit!

Via TechRadar
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