Putting Something Away for a Rainy Day: New Seed and Gene Banks in Turkey

anatolian grey cattle photo

The Anatolian Grey (or Boz Irk) cattle breed, found in Turkey's Thrace, South Marmara, and North Aegean regions, is one of the species that will be preserved in the country's new gene bank. These animals are valued for their ability to survive sudden changes in food and climate. Photo: TÜRKHAYGEN-I

Some people believe that Noah's Ark came to rest on eastern Turkey's Mt. Ararat. Today, the threat of a global catastrophe to rival the Biblical flood is prompting Turkish government officials to play Noah themselves, gathering up representatives of important species to be used to repopulate the country should worse come to worse.
The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Ministry is taking a slightly more high-tech approach than marching animals onto a wooden boat two by two, setting up banks for plant seeds and animal genes in response to concern about how droughts and other effects of global warming will affect agriculture and livestock.

Turkey's first new seed bank, reportedly dubbed "Noah's Bin," will be set up in the capital city of Ankara this year and will be the fourth largest in the world. It will be followed by a gene bank representing wild and domesticated animals that are either unique to Turkey--such as the famed Ankara and Van cats and Kangal dogs from Sivas--endangered, or important farm animals. The ministry is also developing drought-resistant types of wheat and other fruit and vegetable species. Via: "Agriculture Ministry to set up seed, animal gene bank," Today's Zaman
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