Prototype: Hartmut Stockter's Plant Powered Respirator


You can tell a real treehugger by their eternal optimism about the future. But even the most upbeat sustaina-freak can feel like they're choking from lack of fresh air from time to time. Factories, cars, your own breathing, and even cows are off-gassing at an alarming rate. What's an oxygen-breathing human to do? Hartmut Stockter has a rather tongue-in-cheek answer, and while it's probably not practical, it should make you smile...Stockter is a sculptor who has developed all kinds of devices which explore a humorous or interesting facet of the natural world. For example, his underwater telescope system opens up a world of viewing that would normally be hidden. With his Plant powered respirator, he hopes the viewer will understand better our reliance on plants and the natural world. But you guys already understood that part, right?
:: Plant Powered Respirator [by DM]