Prototype: ENV Hydrogen Fuelcell Motorbike

Intelligent Energy, a British hydrogen energy technology developer, unveiled their new ENV (Emissions neutral vehicle) motorcycle this week. The super-futuristic looking crotch rocket runs on compressed hydrogen gas, run through a fuel cell to power its 6kW electric drive motor. The drive is so silent that pedestrian safety advocates are petitioning the company to add an artificial engine sound to warn pedestrians of the bike's approach...The current prototype zips from zero to ­its top speed of 50 mph in just 12.1 sec. Range is approximately 100 miles on a single tank. The hydrogen fuel is stored in a removable cartridge with the fuel cell, called the "CORE". The company hopes to develop this CORE platform to power other devices, like a portable generator would. Unfortunately, the bike is only a prototype, meant as a showcase for Intelligent Energy's new CORE technology platform. We'll have to keep wishing.
:: ENV Hydrogen Motorbike [by DM]