Prototype: Eggshell House Breathes

Here's a problem you probably never thought about: 250,000 tons of eggshell waste is produced annually worldwide by the food processing industry. Eggshells, being calcium carbonate, are a nice little carbon sink that keeps CO2 out of the atmosphere, and the greenhouse cycle. Unfortunately, 80% of this waste is simply burned as waste, releasing the CO2, and wasting all those chicken's hard work. But for the benefit of hens everywhere, a Japanese company has turned what were once walls for chicks into walls for humans...The Japanese company Green Techno 21 (which sounds more like a 18 and over nightclub...) has developed a method for converting waste egg shells into house walls. Apparently the material is similar to plaster, and unlike concrete or paint, breathes to let moisture escape, and retard the growth of mold. Rather than creating the entire wall out of the material, it is more of a textural paint covering, or wallpaper when applied to rice-paper wallcovering. The wall covering is so far only projected to be available in Japan, and even there it is an early prototype. However, interested treehuggers with Japanese skills can contact the company directly for better information. :: Green Techno 21 Eggshell Walls (Japanese)