Prototype Cellphone Fuelcell Inches Closer To Production

In the past few years, the cellphone has blossomed from being a phone/address book device to a full fledged video camera, audio player, cinema, notepad, and even television. Of course, with all this added kit comes a hefty electric bill, and Li-ion batteries are being stretched to their limits to pay it. But NTT DoCoMo and Fujitsu Labs are coming closer and closer to a fuel cell alternative that could find its way into your next-gen phone...The new prototype enables eight hours of continuous talk time, three times the capacity of the previous prototype. Fujitsu was able to push the output by switching from a 30% methanol fuel solution to a 99% solution. Even with this impressive lifespan, the cradle is kind of bulky, and would lend itself better to watching eight hours of movies than talking to a buddy for that long. Weighing in at 190 grams, your arm could get pretty tired. Still, the possibility is exciting; Hopefully similar efforts are underway to make large scale eco-friendly methanol production a reality as well. :: DoCoMo Fuel Cells