Propane Fired Balloon Breaks Record While Supporting Environmentalists


David Hempleman-Adams has broken the world height record for a conventional propane-fired hot air balloon, reaching 32,500 feet over Red Deer, Alberta, and breaking a 26 year old record. An oberver said "only a mad Englishman would do that in an open basket'.We find it humourous that while taking this propane heater to great heights he is promoting, a UK website that "aims to provide simple and easy ways for us to take action and make a difference on things we've hopefully all had enough of. Like 4x4 drivers who only do the school run. Like energy comanies who use slogans like "Positive Energy" when 99.5% of the energy they supply is causing climate change" and paradoxically runs a campaign against unsustainable airport expansion and the aviation industry. Congratulations David! ::Daily Mail