Project Will Use 3D Printer, Waste Plastic to Make Composting Toilets, Rainwater Harvesting Systems

One man's trash is another man's treasure, they say, and while it may be difficult to find something good to say about the vast amount of plastic waste we're creating, it may be that some of that waste plastic will get turned into new and useful products, thanks to the magic of 3D printing.

A team of students at the University of Washington just won $100,000 in funding for their project, which will transform plastic waste into pieces for rainwater harvesting systems and composting toilets in the developing world.

The team, Washington Open Object Fabricators (WOOF), took top honors in the 3D4D Challenge, an international contest to leverage 3D printing technologies to deliver real social benefits in the developing world. The next step will be working with Water for Humans (WFH) to build the 3D printing machines to address local issues in water and sanitation in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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