Project Lets You Explore Earth With An Arduino-Based Satellite!

How cool is this! A team of four innovators are creating a project that will allow you to run experiments in space via an Arduino-based satellite.

The ArduSat mission is to "provide affordable space exploration for everyone" and so they're creating the first open platform satellite "allowing the general public to design and run their own space-based applications, games and experiments, steer the onboard cameras to take pictures on-demand, and even broadcast personalized messages back to Earth."

Do you have your own environmental measurements you want to take of the Earth, or want to aim a camera so you can see a particular view of the planet? This would let you do so. That is, if they finish raising funds on Kickstarter which it looks like they're on track to do, and then some. Admittedly, the rewards that come with helping fund ArduSat are pretty tempting -- if you pledge over $150, you can take up to 15 photos, steering the satellite however you please; and if you pledge over $500, you can get up to a week of time to run your own experiments.

The ArduSat will be loaded up with over 25 sensors, three cameras, a Geiger counter, spectrometer, magnetometer and other goodies. It could be your chance to explore Earth from space on your own terms. Check out the Kickstarter page and let us know what you think. But as reminds us, "The usual Kickstarter warnings do apply here. This is a serious undertaking, and any number of things could go wrong. This project is almost certainly getting funded, so assume anything you pledge is getting billed."

Project Lets You Explore Earth With An Arduino-Based Satellite!
This Kickstarter project is one of the most fascinating and ambitious we've seen, and it gives you the chance to take your pictures of Earth or run your own tests!

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