Print Green? Greendot and Rolling Press

As many of us know, one of the most wasteful aspects of doing business today revolves around our never ending use of paper, and the often toxic methods of printing the marketing, promotional, and mass-mailing materials with which we are bombarded daily. One solution to this problem is environmentally-friendly printing, which has been gradually expanding its influence within the printing industry, thanks in part to some of the better-known green companies and non-profits that apply this process in their businesses (think AIGA, Environmental Defense, the Open Space Institute, the United Nations Development Project, as well as Treehugger itself).
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For those of you inclined to consider a greener approach to your printing needs, two of the best options are Rolling Press, and Greendot, both located in New York City. In fact, Treehugger worked with both companies to produce our swanky new marketing flyers and sleek business cards. Whether it's the knowledgeable and hands-on service offered by Rolling Press, or the wide-ranging technical expertise offered by Greendot, you will have all the latest FSC-certified recycled paper, and green printing (soy-based inks) and cutting methods to choose from.


Both sites provide solid background information on the companies, their environmental printing "philosophy", and the services they provide, and Greendot even features a green glossary, to introduce customers to some of the terminology and processes involved in printing with less negative impact. Until the entire printing world goes digital, it will help to have companies like Rolling Press and Greendot around to remind us we do have some worthy green options. ::Rolling Press, ::Greendot Printing [Written by Than Hansen]