PowerCost Home Energy Use Monitor

Similar to the Kill-a-Watt and Wattson that we mentioned yesterday, except on a whole-house scale, the PowerCost Monitor is a very handy little device that monitors your home's energy use in real time, and tells you how much it's costing you. It makes it easy to see which appliances are sucking up the most electricity, and how you can save money by conserving. With just two pieces (the display and the sensor) and easy installation (no electrician required), the PowerCost is an easy, low-maintenance fix that can help reduce your home's electricity use by 5 to 20 percent; get one, and watch with glee as your energy use plummets after installing compact fluorescent lightbulbs and turning the thermostat down a degree or two. TreeHuggers who live in northern Ontario whose utility is Hydro One are eligible for a free PowerCost, and more utilities are reportedly not far behind; for instant gratification, they can be ordered directly from the website for $150 CAD. ::PowerCost Monitor via ::Hugg (jetsongreen)