Powerbrella Makes Practical Use of Solar Power and Poolside Accessories

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Image via Gizmag

The Sun Chair is a solar powered poolside furniture idea that is very much in the concept stage. But here is another outdoor furniture idea that will be available in July: the Powerbrella. It will be that much easier to sit outside and enjoy listening to music or working on your laptop while making use of the sun your patio umbrella is protecting you from. The solar cells on the retractable shade of the Powerbrella charges batteries that are stored in the umbrella's stem. Outlets allow a user to plug in and charge up their gadgets. Convenient!

Gizmag notes that these have already been field tested:

The Powerbrella was proven viable after testing throughout 2008 at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando, Florida, where physics students measured how effective the Powerbrella was withstanding the natural elements, how capable the Power Plastic panels were in generating green energy and how much power the batteries could store. A year later, Skyshades has received its first shipment of Konarka Power Plastic, which will be used to begin mass-producing the umbrellas.

We aren't sure just how much juice the Power Plastic will gather, but it is likely enough to charge handheld gadgets, or maybe a laptop battery after a day of sunshine. What is also interesting to note is Konarka reports Power Plastic is 100% recyclable as well as weatherproof, which is good because a patio umbrella gets pretty beaten up.

The Powerbrella is expected to be on the market sometime after July through SkyShades.

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