Power in Your Hands

How many light bulbs does it take to change the world? That's the question being posed by the Power in Your Hands campaign, sponsored by the Alliance to Save Energy—a coalition of 32 diverse partners ranging from usual suspects such as the National Resources Defense Council to the slightly inexplicable, like Bank of America. Targeting policy makers and consumers alike, these ads want to drive on home the importance of energy efficiency in national energy policy, as well as the notion that even the simplest of actions—such as ditching your traditional incandescent bulb for an energy-efficient CFL—can have a dramatic, overarching effect when millions of people act together, you know, WITH THEIR POWERS COMBINED. Kinda like Captain Planet, but without the spandex and the scary, green flat-top mullet.To be run until the Bush administration's 2008 budget request in early February, the ads are designed to herd you to the 6 Degrees of Energy-Efficiency Challenge Web site, which we've mentioned in passing before. Touted as "a unique, interactive social website that highlights the interconnectedness of energy, our economy, and our environment," what this means in regular-speak is you can take an Energy IQ quiz, pledge to implement one of six energy-efficient actions, share grisly tales of energy vampires, as well as send the challenge along to friends, family, or Bob from Accounting.

No word on how the Alliance feels about Kevin Bacon, who recently launched his own hexaphilic social-networking site for the common good, or, for that matter, how Kevin Bacon feels about the Alliance.

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