Potenco: Powering Possibilities

At TreeHugger, we've seen our fair share of power generators that don't bother with conventional energy and rely instead on good old human power, like this wind-up charger and this DIY job for your iPod. Now, a company called Potenco has developed a patent-pending portable power generator. Just pull the cord for a minute and generate enough electric power for several hours; the company claims it can deliver five times more power than regular cranks, and can be pulled five times longer before the user senses fatigue. Founder Colin Bulthaup knows a thing or two about electronics and DIY power; he's the also the founder of engineering design & tech firm Squid Labs and DIY super-site Instructables.com. The charger can be used to power mobile phones, PDAs, lighting products, digital cameras and more, and it's been selected for the power source of the $100 Laptop/One Laptop Per Child project. Further details on the operation are scarce at this point, but anything that'll power thousands of laptops around the globe has got some good things going for it. ::Potenco via ::Cocolico

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