Post-Doc Opportunity in LCA and Nanotechnology at the US EPA!

Here is a great, green post-doctoral opportunity for US citizens at the US EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory (NRMRL) located in Cincinnati, Ohio in the area of Life cycle assessment with emphasis on nanotechnology. Given the recent release of the report, Nanotechnology and Life Cycle Assessment: A Systems Approach to Nanotechnology and the Environment, which concluded that LCA is an essential tool for safe and responsible commercialization of nanotech, this post-doc is well timed for research into just that. "NRMRL is seeking applications for the position of a Federal Post-Doctoral Fellow in the area of nanotechnology. Under the EPA Nanotechnology Program, EPA is interested in studying the following areas: 1) generating the underlying science needed to better understand and predict potential implications of nanoparticle releases, their fate and transport in the environment, and 2) identifying how nanoscience can be responsibly used for beneficial environmental applications (e.g. improved sensors, control/remediation options). In particular, ORD is interested in areas ranging from studying how the physicochemical and biological properties of nanomaterials are altered in the environment, identifying the sources of nanoparticle releases, determining the life cycle fate of nanoparticles and their daughter products when nanotechnology is used for environmental applications and potential health risks associated with both the nanoparticles and their by-products, and in finding ways nanotechnology can be used to improve techniques to measure releases to water, soil, and air and enhance the effectiveness of conventional control and remediation technology to address these releases. The duration of the project is three years." The closing date for Applications is May 8th, 2007 and you can get additional information about this post doc here. And you can read more about nanotechnology here, here, and here. Image credit: 21st

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