Port Cities at Risk of Climate Change-Induced Coastal Flooding

shanghai port

Image courtesy of Don McPhee

According to a new report ranking the world's cities in the order of which will be most vulnerable to coastal flooding by 2070, all but one of the 10 were found to be in developing countries in Asia. The combined effects of climate change, urbanization and population growth are expected to put cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Dhaka, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh City, Shanghai and Miami at great risk of flooding, potentially exposing close to a hundred million residents.

The study, conducted by the University of Southampton, Risk Management Solutions, CIRED/Meteo-France and the OECD, found that 38% of the world's largest port cities were located in Asia and that 27% were located in deltaic settings, putting them at greater risk of being flooded. For more information about the study (and some gorgeous pictures), check out the full slideshow here.

Via ::Guardian Unlimited: Global port cities under threat (news website)

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