"Pollution Glue" on London Roads Could Improve Air Quality

It may be the site of an iconic new solar bridge, but London's air quality has long been a problem for cyclists, pedestrians and, well, anyone who breathes. Business Green reports that London is exploring one way to tackle the impacts of pollution, if not the source by spreading "pollution glue" or calcium magnesium acetate on the city's roads:

Dust suppressants consist of calcium magnesium acetate, which is expected to glue particles to the carriageway to stop them re-circulating in the air. TfL will first sweep and jet wash the roads, then apply the solution using a modified winter gritting machine with a fine sprinkler-like system attached.

Head on over to Business Green for the full scoop on Mayor Boris' pollution glue plan. Let's just hope the city continues to cut emissions at the tail pipe and smoke stack end too.

"Pollution Glue" on London Roads Could Improve Air Quality
London roads could help absorb the city's famously bad air quality, but won't do anything to reduce pollution at source.

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