Point and Counter-Point Chart Sums Up the Climate Change Debate

climate change debate graphic image

Image via Information is Beautiful

If you're looking for a great graphic that sums up the climate change debate, check out this handy chart by Information is Beautiful. All of the major debate points from climate change deniers on one side, with the counter points by climate change activists on the other side. Information - pure and simple - lays out the debate, including graphics.It's too large to past the whole graphic here, but Information is Beautiful provides the entire thing. Debate points like "We don't even have accurate temperature records" and "It was actually hotter in medieval times than it is today" are all addressed, along with the oh-so-relevant "When the evidence doesn't fit, scientists edit the evidence."

If you want to have a quick rebuttal for all the arguments from deniers you're most likely to hear, check out the graphic.

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