Plantic: Making Plastic Disappear

Bioplastics have graced our pages here at TreeHugger a number of times before, with specific products like disposable cutlery and disposable bags, and more generally, with posts like this one. There's even been one that you can get at the Museum of Modern Art, like this spork. Australian company Plantic throws their hat into the ring with their "plastic" that looks as though is used mostly in an egg-carton-like configuration, to house fancy chocolates and other delicate treats. Unlike most of those listed above, after just a few seconds in water, Plantic will disperse before your eyes. While it's a neat trick, this makes for an interesting "problem" for them: it won't stand up to many common uses for plastic. The braintrust is developing a product durable enough to withstand the rigors of widespread use; in the meantime, Plantic products, made of about 90 percent corn starch, will disappear from the compost heap in about three months. ::Plantic via ::We Make Money Not Art