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puyl bike light recharges while pumping photo

PUYL Tire Pump as Bike Light
If good design were a calling card, PUYL would be in a lot of rolodexes and the name of its designer, Kai Malte Roever of Formpasch, on a lot of lips. The strange name PUYL can only be an acronym, perhaps PUmp Your Light, which describes the function the perfect gadget to pimp your bike. The PUYL serves both as a bicycle tire pump and as a headlight, an efficient combo it its own right. But it gets better: the PUYL's battery recharges while you pump! This is the part where you ask yourself: What is the catch? And where do I get one?
puyl bike light recharges while pumping photo

PUYL Bike Light as Tire Pump
Do you have to stop every five minutes to recharge the light? Far from it: 20 seconds of pumping suffices for 45 minutes of track-illuminating LED power. Simply pump up your tires, or perform the pumping motions merely to recharge the device, then clamp it into its holder and away you go. The light clamp adjusts to focus the light higher or lower on the path in front of the bicycle.

Ahh, but there is a catch. PUYL is only a prototype. It won the design award at Eurobike 2009, in a category seeking submittals that are both eco-friendly and reduce the number of gadgets cyclists must carry with them. The PUYL has a patent pending, but is not yet available for sale.

Designer Kai Malte Roever, meanwhile, could be hard to pin down. After graduating with a degree in industrial/product design from the HTW-Dresden, doing a stint in Finnland at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design, and clinching another degree from the Royal College of Art in London, his work has taken him from Europe to Australia and landed him in Nagoya, Japan.

Nonetheless, we suspect it is only a matter of time to get this idea on its feet and into the street. We hope to see the PUYL at a store in our neighborhood soon.

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