Piezo Shower Heats Water Without Electricity

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Showers are an issue for both water use and energy use for heating the water used while bathing. But the Piezo shower aims to cut down on the energy problem. It is designed to capture the energy of the water running through it in order to heat said water. With an award-winning prototype already out, the Piezo Shower shows us what the future of bathing might be.
Red Ferret brings our attention to designers Natalie Weinman, Victor Stelmasuk, Sebastian Jansson and Fernanda Piza who have developed the Piezo Shower, a beautiful structure that uses the motion of the water running through it to generate the electricity needed to heat the water.

According to Mocoloco, "The self-heating Piezo Shower uses piezoelectricity, fibers that generate electricity through movement and friction, to heat water that flows through its many pipes. The Piezo fibres are inserted into the pipes which compose the shower, giving it an appealing sculptural shape... Maximizing the surface via a delicate fretwork of pipes intended to convey the water and heat it in the process, they produced a highly original design with a strong metaphorical twist."

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A touchscreen display shows you the water pressure, how long you've been showering and how much water you've used up, with the hopes that you'll hop out as quickly as possible and conserve resources.

The prototype won a Satellite Award 2010, though that doesn't mean we'll be seeing it installed in homes any time soon. The nanotechnology for piezoelectricity is still under development and while designers are eager to incorporate it into products, we've yet to see how efficient it can really be.

piezo shower image

Image via atcasa

Still, it's a gorgeous design, and who wouldn't want this as a zero-electricity shower over a more clunky solar powered water heater?

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