Philips Unveils (Sort of) New UV Water Purification Technology InstantTrust

Philips has announced InstantTrust, a new water disinfection solution that has apparently overcome some of the obstacles faced by current UV water purification technology, such as being able to use it with hot water. It is some sort of technology that can be installed at the point of use, from taps to filters on counter tops, and even water pitchers -- which means it can be used anywhere, even in underdeveloped areas.

However, all we're really getting from the company right now is that it is "cutting-edge technology" and that water can be disinfected "instantly, effectively and independent of water temperature."

"Philips InstantTrust is so compact in its size that it allows manufacturers to integrate the solution into smaller equipment than ever before and gives them stylistic freedom to design sleek products ideal for the small and modern home. Furthermore, the revolutionary solution works instantly to produce safe water from the first second onwards, eliminating waiting time. It is unique due to its ability to work independently of water temperature and because it can be used for integration into both hot and cold water systems. Philips InstantTrust is ideal for instant disinfection of small quantities of cold water (up to flows of approximately 4 liters/minute)."

Yet we have no images or video of it as of yet, and no detailed information on how this miracle purification technology works.

Stay tuned... if it's as amazing as the company claims, hopefully we'll have more to share soon.

Philips Unveils (Sort of) New UV Water Purification Technology InstantTrust
The new water purification technology sounds neat, but also remains a bit mysterious.

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