PG&E; Gives a $1.4 Million Rebate for Green Data Center

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If saving money via energy efficiency wasn’t reason enough to build a green data center, PG&E; just gave California businesses another incentive.

NetApp just received a $1.43 million rebate check from Pacific Gas and Electric Company for their energy-efficient data center design and construction.
By including smart elements like outside air economizers, energy efficient transformers, and uninterruptible power supply systems, they’ll not only get a fat check, but they’ll also see a nearly equivalent annual savings.

As a result of NetApp's energy efficiency improvements, its data center is projected to operate at power usage effectiveness (PUE) of less than 1.3, which is considered a best-in-class metric for data center energy efficiency. In addition, PG&E; estimates that NetApp will save more than 11,100,000 kilowatt-hours each year, which represents a savings of more than $1,178,000 and a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 3,391 tons annually.

While other companies have received PG&E; rebates for efficiency and green construction, NetApp’s rebate is the largest construction incentive given out by the utility company. We know the competition is already hot when it comes to greener data centers, and with PG&E; prize money as a carrot, the incentive is even bigger.

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