Pfizer May Have Cure for Erectile Conservation Disorder

According to a report published in the journal "Environmental Conservation" and picked up, of couse, by the China Post, "Viagra use in Asia is saving animals from being hunted for male organs". Initial research from the same team was covered last spring in the on-line magazine "Grist". Subsequent work by the researchers confirmed the original hypothesis that the "little blue pill" has not only helped millions of men; its maker, Pfizer, also says the drug's availability has helped reduce the demand for the masculine body parts of endangered species - which have traditionally been used as aphrodisiacs...In a new study funded by the drug maker, William von Hippel, a University of New South Wales psychologist, and his brother, Frank, a biologist based in Anchorage, Alaska, surveyed 256 men receiving erectile dysfunction treatment at a Hong Kong clinic".
"The conversion to the blue pill appears to be a one-way street, and western anti-impotence pills generally help to deter men from using more traditional cures, conclude the von Hippels in their survey,...".

In the interest of fair disclosure and balanced science reporting, we suggest that a critical factor may have been overlooked in this research. Without the spam resources available via the internet, market awareness of the glories of Viagra might never had reached critical mass.

Finally, we have a suggestion for Pfizer, Viagra's inventor. Can you please come up with pill to subvert those who insist on buying paper made solely from virgin old growth timber pulp? Only has to work for the 20 minutes they spend in an office supply store.