Perfectly Sized Post-It Notes for Less Waste

any size post-it note image

Images via Yanko Design

Some of the best design ideas make simple things even simpler. Post-It notes are already such handy inventions, but you have to buy separate pads for different uses. But this simple design concept allows you to tear off just the right sized post-it note for the job. Less waste, less buying variously sized notepads. And the smartest part is where the designers put the adhesive... Yanko Design writes, "It has an adhesive strip running right at the center of the pad, and it's kinda fashioned like a cello tape reel. The idea is that you write a note and then just tear off the adequate amount of sheet, so no extra paper gets wasted. Small effective steps to a better planet!"

anysize post-it design image

Sounds great -- like when paper towel companies started making perforations closer together so you could rip half a towel instead of a whole one. The only problem is one might be tempted to write bigger because they have the room to, rather than conserve space since they're limited to a smaller square. Still, it seems like a handy way to simplify, and reduce paper and plastic use.

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