Pee-to-Water Converter Is Neat And Kinda Gross

Pee to Water Instructions
Photo courtesy of: The Design Blog

Pee-cycling is getting more and more popular. Especially with water scarcity causing alarm planet-wide. Heck, even NASA astronauts are in on it. Like, whatever happened to just drinking Tang?

The latest entry is by designer Leonardo Manavella. The "Aqua H20" works both with human or animal urine. The liquid waste is handled via the Activated Carbon which removes both the color and the flavor.

No word on how this thing holds up against asparagus.

Pee to Water Device
Photo courtesy of: The Design Blog

Once the urine is "cleansed" a container filled with fresh clean water is available for drinking.

The device is designed for drought-affected areas, or any sorta apocalyptic scenario starring Kevin Costner. But if it comes down to this or bottled water...then I am clearly fighting for the wrong team.

I'll just stick to writing my name in the snow.

Pee to Water Stand
Photo courtesy of: The Design Blog

Source: The Design Blog
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