Pedal-Powered OLPC Laptop for Kids in Afghanistan (Video)

OLPC pedal powered photo

Image via OLPC Afghanistan

A prototype for a pedal-powered charging option for OLPCs was created OLPC Afghanistan so children can still have access to the computers even during power outages. The station charges the laptop while it is being used, and can be run without difficulty by typical 3rd and 4th grade children.

There's one way to get all the extra energy out of a kid during class time! OLPC Afghanistan states, "The system connects the Freeplay hand crank with pedals underneath to enable the XO to be used as long as desired at home, into the night, etc; and it requires no additional or backup battery."

The laptops have very low power requirements in the first place - a significant reason why they were created at all - so keeping them charged in this manner would be practical.

OLPC News via Ubergizmo
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