Pedal People: the Bicycle Delivery Service

pedal people.jpg

Thanks to Treehugger David Lively who alerted us to Pedal People after he heard their story on his local National Public Radio (NPR) station. Serving a town with no municipal trash or recycling pick-up, Pedal People has stepped in to provide a solution for the residents who don't have the capability or time to deliver their own trash to the central collection points.In addition to hauling trash or recycling, Pedal People will deliver reusable goods to Goodwill free of charge and will also provide grocery delivery or other services. We are interested to know if the kids enjoying themselves on the trailer ride in one of the random pop-up photos at Pedal People's website are part of the new public school bussing replacement service.

Pedal People are quick to point out their many advantages, noting the often overlooked aspects of no pavement damage and the fact that the fees paid them stay in the local community rather than supporting foreign oil. You can read the NPR story here or look at the Pedal People website directly. [by © C. Lepisto]