Pearl Jam Runs on People Power at San Francisco's Outside Lands Music Fest


Courtesy of Global Inheritance.

Fans were cranking out the music at Friday's Outside Lands music festival in San Francisco. Cranking with their hands, on a sort of exercise bike. You crank, you hear Eddie Vedder and the crew through the headphones.It's fitting. This is the band that helped save the ozone layer from hair metal and took on Ticketmaster, with a singer that provided the soundtrack for the goodbye-society film "Into the Wild."

The hand-crank listening station was on site courtesy of Global Inheritance, a Los Angeles nonprofit that aims to empower young folks to think and act creatively.

Four new tracks from Pearl Jam --- "Get Some," "The Fixer," "Just Breathe" and "Supersonic" --- were available for huff-puff listening pleasure.

Just Breathe? Also fitting, considering how long you had to crank to get to song No. 3.

PJ's new album, Backspacer, comes out on Sept. 20.

For the lazy, or those unable to use the listening station on Friday, you can also hear "The Fixer" on the band's web site. Push play on the virtual cassette player.

Besides the grunge and the tickets and the film scores, Pearl Jam also supports a number of environmental organizations, including The Surfrider Foundation and Trout Unlimited.

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